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Enviornmental Portraiture

The Surf Maker

Story 8 - 'The Surf Maker'
She waves her scarf and commands the waves to build and crash on the rocks. She is not troubled by the waves breaking around her, she feels alive, energised, at one with the sea, the spray, the wind. She is a conductress, producing a visual display harnessing the power of the sea, which she choreographs and commands.

The SIren

An Awarded image in the 2017 International Mono Awards.

The Wind Changer

Story 1 - 'The Wind Changer'

She decides, she dictates, today it will blow towards the south!
She pirouettes on one leg, balanced, rotating with the wind direction, in an effortless hold, undisturbed by the gusts, a wind vane. The angle of her scarf serves as an indicator, revealing the strength of the wind. But she can quickly change it, if her mood is compromised.

The Tide Maker

Story 9 - 'The Tide Maker' Awarded in the 2020 International Monochrome Awards competition

She controls the tides, in synchronicity with the moon, it is her who controls the ebb and flow. Pulling and pushing the sea through the tiny gap in the rocks.

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The Warning

Story 10 - 'The Warning'
She walks the storm beach, stepping into the shallows, her scarf and dress entangled with the breaking waves and the foamy white water. She warned sailors long before the lighthouse was built.

The Matchmaker

Story 14 - 'The Matchmaker''
Her work completed, she rests with a gentle breeze blowing her hair and clothing. She has brought the rocks together, the Lion and the Lioness to encourage 'The Kiss'. She now rests looking up as the clouds become darker, she must leave the couple before the storm arrives.

The Lady of the Sea

Story 17 - 'The Lady of the Sea

She dances on the sharp slippery rocks, never falling, always poised, in control yet delicate and serene. Her dress and scarf move and entwine with the sea, and the waves. She is alive and happy within her world and her environment, the sea.

The Queen of Water

Story 19 - 'The Queen of Water'
With perfect balance, poise and elegance she balances on the slippery rock, absorbed in the moment, the landscape, the giant theatre of the Cwm, beneath the Devil's Kitchen.