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'Elements' looks at the interaction of a living landscape and environmental portraiture. All photogrphs capture a moment in time, but by extending the time window for the image capture, things change - clouds and water move, as does clothing, hair and the position of a person within that living landscape.

Each image in this portfolio tells a story, about our interaction with the 'Elements' our world!

I will reveal all of the images over the coming days and weeks, with a total of 20 'Stories'.

The work has been created in collaboration with Artist and Model Loren Somerville To see Loren's art please visit her website, or her Instagram page 'Ifly.youfly'

The idea was to create a body of work between a photographer and one model, to explore what can be achieved within a three month window in 2020. All of the images were captured using Nikon D850 cameras with various lenses, using Lee Filters.

All of the images within this Portfolio are available as signed, limited editions at various sizes. The Portfolio is sponsored by Hahnemuhle, and all of the Limited Edition prints are printed on Hahnemuhle, FineArt Baryta 325gsm paper. Bright white and high gloss, this paper showcases the darkest blacks and complements my images beautifully.  

Please message for print sale enquiries.

The Wind Changer Story 1 - 'The Wind Changer'
She decides, she dictates, today it will blow towards the south!
She pirouettes on one leg, balanced, rotating with the wind direction, in an effortless hold, undisturbed by the gusts, a wind vane. The angle of her scarf serves as an indicator, revealing the strength of the wind. But she can quickly change it, if her mood is compromised.
Sponsored by Hahnemühle This portfolio is sponsored by Hahnemühle who provide my paper of choice for this portfolio.
Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta 325gsm. Bright White and High-Gloss, this paper showcases the darkest blacks and compliments my prints beautifully. Shop the full Digital FineArt range at
The Wave Maker Story 2 - 'The Wave Maker'
She is strong! She stands proud and defies the wind. She commands the waves to build and break.
She does not flinch with the impacting waves, she welcomes them and feels energised. She unfurls her scarf, touching the breaking waves, joining them, encouraging them.
The Tide Decider Story 3 - 'The Tide Decider'
She stands tall, watching and waiting. When she is ready, she raises her arms and halts the incoming tide.
Today she will allow the rocks to stay revealed, resistant. These are old rocks, formed 480 million years ago, deformed and eroded through time. But today she will control the tide, the swirling water will only touch the base of the rocks. She is content, but maybe tomorrow will be different,
The Lady in the Lake Story 4 - 'The Lady in the Lake'
She stands proud and upright, elegant, while she sends out her message via the ripples she creates with her feet. She sends the message in all directions at the same speed, controlling the tone and volume of the message through the amplitude and wavelength of the ripples that she creates. She will then stand, waiting for the return of the ripples, the replies to her message.
The Cloud Spinner Story 5 - 'The Cloud Spinner'
With her scarf she weaves, spins and casts clouds to the wind, effortlessly, surrounded by tall grasses swirling in the wind. Today she is happy, warm and content, she casts cirrus clouds, but later that will change and the clouds with her mood will darken.
The Siren Story 6 - 'The Siren'
She dances and plays on the rocks, weaving in and out, through the surf effortlessly defying the waves. She becomes part of the surf, her dress moving with the ebb and flow of each wave, she is the sea. But she sometimes sings and entices sailors to bring their boats too close to the rocks...The Siren's Call!
The Bringer of Storms Story 7 - 'The Bringer of Storms'
Only she can decide! will today bring fair or stormy weather? Her mood dictates the weather. But today she drives the wind and the clouds up the valley, mischievously sending squalls over the mountains while keeping the valley dry.
The Surf Maker Story 8 - 'The Surf Maker'
She waves her scarf and commands the waves to build and crash on the rocks. She is not troubled by the waves breaking around her, she feels alive, energised, at one with the sea, the spray, the wind. She is a conductress, producing a visual display harnessing the power of the sea, which she choreographs and commands.
The Tide Maker Story 9 - 'The Tide Maker'
She controls the tides, in synchronicity with the moon, it is her who controls the ebb and flow. Pulling and pushing the sea through the tiny gap in the rocks.
The Warning Story 10 - 'The Warning'
She walks the storm beach, stepping into the shallows, her scarf and dress entangled with the breaking waves and the foamy white water. She warned sailors long before the lighthouse was built.
The Cloud Catcher Story 11 - 'The Cloud Catcher'
Sha stands on the rocks catching the clouds and taking them from the sky. Today she is happy, warm, content and willing to share well being, so she removes the clouds leaving a clear sky above the rocks, with only a gentle breeze to play with her hair and dress.
Cirrus Story 12 - 'Cirrus'
She lifts the surf with her scarf and weaves fine cirrus clouds which she casts into the sky, high above her and the breaking waves at her feet. She is strong, determined yet gentle.
The Storm Chaser Story 13 - 'The Storm Chaser'
She waves her arms, and her scarves join, become entwined and interfere with the breaking waves, calming them and reducing them to foam. She is not afraid of the crashing waves, she is happy and confident on the rocks, she becomes the waves, the ocean.
The Matchmaker Story 14 - 'The Matchmaker''
Her work completed, she rests with a gentle breeze blowing her hair and clothing. She has brought the rocks together, the Lion and the Lioness to encourage 'The Kiss'. She now rests looking up as the clouds become darker, she must leave the couple before the storm arrives.
Marooned Story 15 - 'Marooned'
She spends every day on the shore, signalling and trying to get a passing boat to see her. It doesn't matter how distant the boat is she is always hopeful, positive and resilient. One day a boat will turn and come for her!
The Lady of the Lake Story 16 - 'The Lady of the Lake'
She treads lightly on the water, her feet barely penetrating the surface, gently casting ripples out to distant shores. She is strong, calm, serene and has an immense sense of wellbeing. She raises her arms towards the mountains in awe of the majesty of the landscape. She is an actress in her natural environment, her theatre.
The Lady of the Sea Story 17 - 'The Lady of the Sea
She dances on the sharp slippery rocks, never falling, always poised, in control yet delicate and serene. Her dress and scarf move and entwine with the sea, and the waves. She is alive and happy within her world and her environment, the sea.
Beauty in the High Peak Story 18 - 'Beauty in the High Peak'
She rests on the rocks, the hard Millstone Grit of the High Peak, she feels the warm coarseness of the texture. She is strong, confident and at home here. Today it is sunny, but so often the mountains are more moody, bleak, and challenging, but even then she enjoys the solitude, the peach and the wildness of the Peak.
The Queen of Water Story 19 - 'The Queen of Water'
With perfect balance, poise and elegance she balances on the slippery rock, absorbed in the moment, the landscape, the giant theatre of the Cwm, beneath the Devil's Kitchen.
The Artist of the Woods Story 20 - 'The Artist of the Woods'
She jumps from tree to tree, branch to branch, with ease, gently taking the dying leaves and arranging them on the woodland floor, her carpet, her canvas, the artwork that she creates each autumn.